Company principles


We are a leading company in the market, providing employee monitoring software and equipments to organizations. We design quality systems that ensure that the ultimate goal of installing such monitoring devices is achieved.

We provide customized software solution depending upon the type of the organization and its setup. We have distinctive options based on the

  • The Type of Business

  • The Budget of the Organization

  • The Number of Employees

  • The Number of branches of the organization

  • The model & Structure of the organization

  • The purpose of the Monitoring activity

  • The location of the organization

  • The preferred software system and the availability of the supporting equipments.

Along with all these support, we have a qualified team to offer the most required legal advice to the organization. The employee monitoring activity should always be done in a fair manner without hurting the sentiments of the person involved.
The employee’s privacy policy is not only a matter to be respected but also to be legally complied with.

It is very important that the ego and the respect of the employees are not tampered in any way. This is very important to avoid future issues that might arise. Whatever method of employee monitoring is put in place, we see to that it is completely legal and ethical to do so.

We also offer after sale service, wherein we offer our clients free software maintenance for free and constantly keep upgrading the software for better and effective results. We have a wide range of exclusive and quality products and this is the reason behind our wide spread customer base.

We have an able customer support team who are always ready to help our customers in time of need and when there arises technical issues of any sort. Our timely service and support upholds the rapport we have with our customers.